Master Gardeners’ Plant and Yard Sale in Prescott

Master Gardeners’ Plant and Yard Sale in Prescott

Master Gardeners’ Plant and Yard Sale in Prescott

We’ve got an interesting event to tell you about, and it’s happening right here in our beloved Phoenix Valley. We’re Prescott Dentistry, and we occasionally showcase new events to share with our patients, especially family-friendly, educational events in our region. This week we would like to highlight the Master Gardeners’ Plant and Yard Sale in Prescott. If you like, take your kids along and make a day of it. Children will enjoy learning about plants that grow their food, and you can benefit by trying your hand at growing your own healthy and homegrown foods. You may also want to be prepared to buy a few new, beautiful plants for your home or apartment.

Master Gardeners Plant and Yard Sale

What: Head out to Prescott Rodeo Grounds to purchase plants for both inside and outside your home. Plants include different types of herbs, vegetables, indoor decorative plants, blooming flowers for the outdoors, and much more. There will be live entertainment while customers shop!

When: July 14th from 7:30am to 12:30pm

Location: Prescott Rodeo Grounds, 840 Rodeo Dr., Prescott, AZ

Cost: Free to attend, however all plants must be paid for in cash

As parents ourselves, our Prescott Dentistry staff members enjoy making both dental care and nutrition a fun and interactive activity. By teaching children where food comes from and how to care for each plant, they can also learn about proper diet, one of the essential aspects of caring for their teeth and preventing the need for crowns, fillings, and even teeth removal. The Master Gardeners’ Plant and Yard Sale in Prescott is sure to be a hit for parents, and an interesting and interactive learning experience for the younger attendees.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (6/11/2018) UC Davis Arboretum (Flickr)