New Year’s Resolutions from Your Top Prescott Dentist!

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New Year’s Resolutions from Your Top Prescott Dentist!


It’s that time of year again! You finished and sent your list to Santa, and now it’s time to list out your resolutions for the new year! No time like the present (2017) to make a few positive changes in your life. Why not start with a few resolutions your top Prescott dentist, Prescott Dentistry, recommends? We all have room for improvement, after all, a survey from 2014 revealed that only 41% of Americans floss daily! If that’s you, flossing might be one place you want to start! Here are your new year’s dental resolutions.

1. Modify your Diet

And no, we don’t mean try the latest diet fad or juice cleanse. You don’t have to cut out everything under the sun to to positively change your eating habits! Simply cut back on your intake of sugary foods and increase your intake of foods that are calcium rich like broccoli, almonds and leafy greens. Foods that are fibrous like celery are also very tooth-friendly because they scrub plaque and stimulate saliva creation.

2. Really Start Flossing

No one’s making any accusations here but… do you actually floss? The same study that indicated that only 40% of adults floss daily also stated that roughly one fourth of adults lie to their dentist about flossing. Which makes that first 40% number even a little suspect! No judgements if you’re part of that one fourth, just use this year as a wake up call to start flossing and save yourself a lot of dental work now and in the future!

3. Break the Tobacco Habit

This one’s pretty obvious, especially if you read our recent article about how Smoking Mutates your DNA. Aside from the fact that 6,000,000 people die each year due to cigarette related cancers, smoking also doubles your chances of suffering from gum disease according to the CDC. Break the habit before it’s too late.

Tell us about all of your resolutions–dental or otherwise–at your next appointment with your top Prescott dentist, Prescott Dentistry!

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