Northern Arizona Monsoon Festival in Downtown Prescott

Northern Arizona Monsoon Festival in Downtown Prescott

Northern Arizona Monsoon Festival in Downtown Prescott

Summertime in Prescott is tremendous fun for people of all ages. Adults can savor hikes to Thumb Butte and children can relish going to summer camps and visiting local splash pads and playgrounds. But this week, we would like to let you know about an event we’re sure both older children (age 7 and up) and adults will find enjoyable. This coming August, make time to take part in the Northern Arizona Monsoon Festival in Downtown Prescott. As an outdoor interactive event, it’s guaranteed to be a splashing good time—after all, who doesn’t enjoy monstrous water slides?

Northern Arizona Monsoon Festival

What: The Northern Arizona Monsoon Festival will be held in Downtown Prescott. The main attraction is an enormous water slide that allows older children and adults to slide down Union Street in Prescott. After this fun-in-the-sun slide, children and parents can set up a picnic blanket and enjoy live music, food, and beverages for the adults. Don’t forget protective footwear—like water shoes—since the ground can be warm in the summer months. Please note, this event is only for ages 7 and up

When: August 18th, from Noon to 6pm

Location: 100 Block of Cortez St., Prescott, AZ 86303

Cost: $25 per person for 2 hours, or $50 a person for all-day fun!

Take a Saturday off from chores and projects to enjoy this entertaining event with friends and family members. With an extreme water slide and drinks, food and live music, it’s an activity that will cool you down in the Arizona summertime. And as your friendly Prescott dentist office, we do recommend taking precautions. All that sliding and slipping on the water slide can be great fun, but to protect your children’s teeth, you may want to consider a sports guard to protect their teeth. While we’re confident that the child-friendly City of Prescott events are safe for your children, it’s good to be proactive when protecting your family’s teeth. And our Prescott Dentistry office reminds you to drink plenty of water during outdoor activities and to pack snacks like fruit and vegetables that will help to clean your teeth and provide the necessary nutrients to fuel your day’s activities. We hope to see you at the Northern Arizona Monsoon Festival in Downtown Prescott!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (8/17/2018) Camp ASCCA (Flickr)