Ozone Therapy in Prescott

ozone therapy in prescott

Ozone Therapy in Prescott

Whenever possible, we want to solve your dental problems naturally, rather than using chemical or drug therapies. At our Prescott Dentistry office we specialize in biomimetic dentistry. Biomimetic Dentistry is taking a much more natural approach to meeting common dental needs by using materials that are already naturally occurring in our bodies and in the environment. Are you living in the Phoenix region and looking for a natural approach to dentistry? You might want to check out our Ozone Therapy in Prescott. This therapy utilizes the naturally occurring gas ozone, which is known for fighting bacteria and for furthering or speeding up the healing process.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy consists of using carrier oils for topical use or oil pulling. These oils can be applied to your teeth, the inside of your mouth, and to your gums, during dental visits or dental cleanings. Oil pulling and topical applications are also great for healing your gums and for disinfecting your mouth in general. This is a great way to treat an active infection or to reduce any bacterial build up that could be harmful to your teeth. Ozone can also be injected into the gums, to safely combat infection without the need for antibiotics.

If you’re currently experiencing trouble with your teeth or gums, it’s best to call our office right away to seek treatment. We aim to use the safest state-of-the-art, natural products and treatments, in order to prevent patient exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals or drugs. If you’re located in the greater metropolitan Phoenix region and you’re worried about a dental infection, or you desire to use natural methods to ward off bacteria in your mouth, we invite you to contact us and check out our Ozone Therapy in Prescott.

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