Prescott, One of Northern Arizona’s Finest Cities

prescott in the top twenty safest cities

Prescott, One of Northern Arizona’s Finest Cities

As home to the staff and patients of Prescott Dentistry, the city of Prescott has much to offer. It is a safe, happy, and healthy community, where neighborhoods work to build a sense of togetherness and to keep our city safe. Recently, the National Council for Home Safety and Security ranked Prescott in the top twenty safest cities of Northern Arizona. We’d like to share with you several reasons why we love our city and the surrounding region.

Scenery — All year long Prescott furnishes its residents with wonderful views of the mountains and rolling hills. Those same magnificent mountains and hills provide excellent recreational options for hiking and biking. Beautiful lakes in the region around Prescott—including Lynx Lake and Watson Lake—also give our community places for canoeing, kayaking, or relaxing by the water with family or friends.

Community — Prescott hosts a good deal of community events for all ages. As a way to meet other people from the area, these events often benefit the community through giving time and finances on behalf of those in need. Local food banks are one type of the numerous nonprofit organizations located in Prescott that use volunteer-based personnel to serve the people of the city.

Safety — Prescott’s residents keep a watchful eye on the city’s neighborhoods, as does our Prescott Police force. With a good recruiting record, our city has a strong police force, which has helped to keep the region’s crime rate low and made Prescott a safe place to live and raise a family.

The staff of Prescott Dentistry is proud to be involved in our Prescott community. We are a city of citizens who volunteer in order to make the city a better place. We want to say thank you to the National Council for Home Safety and Security for choosing our city as a safe city, and to the people of Prescott for caring about the needs of others in the community. Finally, thanks to all the public servants; police force; elected officials and administrators; firefighters, and others who protect and work for the benefit of the city of Prescott.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/1/2017)  Kent Kanouse (Flickr)