Preventative Dental Care and Fluoride Free Options

Preventative Dental Care and Fluoride Free Options

Preventative Dental Care and Fluoride Free Options

While most dental offices treat conditions as needed, or when there’s pain, the doctors at Prescott Dentistry believe in practicing preventative dental care and fluoride free options through natural practices. It is widely known that at-home dental care is not enough to keep that smile bright and healthy.  However, there are a number of different measures that clients can take to help keep their teeth and gums healthy between their regular dental visits. The staff at Prescott Dentistry are happy to find alternative products for clients who want to avoid fluoride-based products. They may also recommend products to their clients that will help combat the bacteria that are often the cause tooth decay and gum disease. The products that are recommended are also much healthier and more natural than many of the name brand products on the market.

If a client is worried about health effects of fluoride-based toothpastes and mouth washes, Prescott Dentistry even offers a few different types of products that are fluoride-free and will help keep your smile in top shape between dental visits:

  • Mineral Mouthrinse: A special rinse that will supply a healthy amount of minerals to strengthen your enamel.
  • Mineral Creme: A special, mineral-based cream that will create a barrier of protection from acids and bacteria. It also provides a healthy amount of phosphate minerals and calcium to strengthen your tooth enamel.
  • Tooth Powder: A Fluoride-free powder that is an alternative option to fluoride toothpaste. It reduces acidity and helps to strengthen the enamel.

The staff at Prescott Dentistry can also recommend products that reduce the concentration of bacteria that live on teeth and gums. The most recommended products are all intended to reduce the cavity-causing acid byproduct of bacteria that live in your mouth and thrive on food particles and residue.

  • Xylitol: An antibacterial product that is frequently found in natural toothpaste and chewing gum.
  • Ozone/ Oxygen Therapy: Promotes the healing of teeth and gums by removing damaging bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  • Dental Probiotics: Probiotics help balance the good to bad ratio of bacteria found in our mouths and reduce the inflammation and decay caused by bacteria.  

As a dental office that has built a foundation on Biomimetic dentistry (practices that mimic the natural formation of teeth) and holistic dentistry, Prescott Dentistry always has many recommendations for natural products that help prevent further tooth decay and bacterial growth.  A dental office located in the heart of Prescott, Prescott Dentistry strives to offer natural products and fluoride-free dentistry options to their clients. The results for their patients are beautiful and healthy smiles!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/1/2017) Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana(Flickr)