Smile! Life Get’s Better with Age

Smile! Life Get’s Better with Age

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New research seems to indicate that there may be one more reason to preserve your pearly whites as you age. You might just be showing those teeth off a bit more soon! According to a new study, like a fine wine maturing, people actually tend to get happier with age. Contrary to popular belief and the ever-prevailing cultural myth of the “mid-life crisis”, after a brief dip in our teen years, the trajectory of happiness tends to be positive well into our 40’s and perhaps beyond.

The findings were published in the journal Developmental Psychology. The study followed two groups of people over time beginning in high school from ages 18 to 43 and beginning in college from 23 to 37. Despite some peaks and valleys, overall those followed were generally happier in their 40s than at age 18 (aside from spikes of happiness at 18 and 30). It is believed by the study authors that this upward trend in happiness may be due to career stability, less uncertainty and more comfort in one’s own skin. More or less people tend to “get better at life” as they age according to John Mayer, PhD.

Perhaps this is what makes practicing dentistry in Prescott so pleasant, many of our patients are older due to the high number of retirees who make Prescott their home! Keep on smiling and schedule your appointment with Prescott Dentistry today!

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