Do You Smile with Your Teeth?

Do You Smile with Your Teeth?

Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you intentionally avoid showing your teeth when you smile? Are you a master of the close-mouthed half-smile? It’s safe to say that a majority of people aren’t as happy with their smiles as they could be. What stops many folks from acting on these insecurities is the assumption that dental procedures, especially those of the cosmetic variety, are costly and time-intensive. However, that’s not always the case.

Is the reason you avoid “saying cheese” in photos because your teeth actually resemble that yellowed cheese a little bit? Well fear not! The physicians at Prescott Dentistry can treat stained, aging, or discolored teeth with advanced teeth whitening processes. The cherry on top? These procedures can be done in just over an our in-office. At-home treatments also help retain the whitening results.

Not just the color? Perhaps its the shapes or spacing of your teeth? Braces aren’t the only option in that case. Ultra-thin porcelain veneers are porcelain shells custom-fitted over your teeth. These can be combined with porcelain crowns for severely broken teeth, and best of all you can revamp your smile in just 2 visits!

Prescott Dentistry also offers dental implants, bonding and cosmetic contouring, dentures, and biomimetic cosmetic bonded fillings. Contact us for more information.

Image used under creative commons license – commercial use (09/19/2014) Ryan Hyde (Flickr)