Smiles work better than Makeup!

Smiles work better than Makeup!

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Attention all you single folks out there! It might be time to toss out the makeup and focus on having a happy healthy smile. Professional teeth whitening is an inexpensive and non-invasive way to brighten your smile! A study conducted by Orbit Complete for National Smile Month in the UK might provide some valuable smile-centric insight for roping in that perfect partner.

The survey conducted revealed that 70% of participants found women more attractive when they smiled. The results, while contrary to the pouty lipped models we are used to seeing, also revealed that a majority (60%) of men who participated in the study thought women who didn’t smile appeared “moody” and 75% of other women thought they appeared disinterested.

On top of that, these results were tested on women with and without makeup. Photos were taken of the women wearing their usual everyday makeup while not smiling and then again but this time smiling without makeup. Men (66%) and women (73%) both reported that the women in the smiling photos appeared more attractive than the non-smiling makeup wearers.

So if you’re spending hours each morning focusing on your makeup, perhaps it’s time to focus a bit more on those pearly whites – even if you’re not looking for love! Having a beautiful, healthy smile will also do wonders for your overall health and happiness! Due for a cleaning or looking to get some cosmetic work done? Contact the team at Prescott Dentistry today to schedule your appointment! (928) 445-1660

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