Strong Enough for Anything

strong teeth

Strong Enough for Anything

A strong foundation is an important principle in most aspects of life, just like having strong teeth is foundational for great dental health. Prescott Dentistry, located in Prescott Arizona, knows the benefits of great general and cosmetic dentistry that provides you with a beautiful smile and teeth that are strong and healthy.

Wear and Tear on Teeth

Time wears on and breaks down your teeth. From the protective coating of the enamel on your teeth to the overall bone structure, wear and tear can cause significant damage. Regular wear on your teeth can be caused by many things, including:

  • Dry mouth
  • Acid reflux
  • Eating overly acidic foods
  • Overuse of sugary drinks
  • Grinding teeth or bruxism
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Genetics

There are many factors that contribute to a slow weakening of your teeth. Some can be controlled, and there are even certain ways that you can improve the strength of your teeth.

Ways to Strengthen Your Teeth

Teeth are imperative not only to healthy daily functioning, but also to your overall physical health. When you are being mindful of what affects and benefits your teeth, you can improve  the health of your body as a whole. Intentionally strengthening your teeth can decrease long-term costs for your oral and physical health. Ways to build up strength in your teeth include:

  • A diet of nutrient-rich, unprocessed foods.
  • Daily vitamin intake
  • Improved digestive functioning with probiotics
  • Avoiding acidic and sugary foods/drinks

Whether breakdown of your teeth occurs based upon actions you can control or genetics you cannot control, there are still steps you can take to benefit your teeth.

Recognizing the impact your oral health and physical health have on your quality of life is the first step towards a better smile and a better you! Prescott Dental and our excellent staff want to help build a healthier you through our cosmetic dental services. Contact us today!


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