The Benefits of CO2 Lasers in Dentistry

The Benefits of CO2 Lasers in Dentistry

Move over dental drills, CO2 lasers are here to save the day! CO2 dentistry is innovative technology that is less invasive than traditional techniques. At Prescott Dentistry, our goal is to be the provider of choice in the tri-city area for natural, conservative dentistry and we are proud to offer this option to our clients. 

What is Co2 Laser Technology?

Surgical lasers in dentistry have, actually, been in use for several decades and the technology is ever-evolving. What exactly is CO2 laser dental? A laser is essentially a beam of light and carbon dioxide lasers use carbon dioxide to generate their energy.

What Procedures can CO2 Lasers Perform?

There are many different applications for CO2 lasers in dentistry, involving soft tissue (gums) and, most recently, hard tissue (teeth). The available applications for this technology keep increasing. CO2 lasers offer a minimally invasive alternative in surgical procedures and restorative dental procedures.

Surgical Lasers in Dentistry

CO2 lasers really shine when it comes to surgical procedures in dentistry, as they provide many benefits over traditional methods. Generally, when a laser is used in a surgical procedure, less anesthesia is needed and there is less pain afterward. Additionally, the laser can seal the incision so bleeding ceases and no sutures are needed. There is also less chance for infection with CO2 lasers, as well as shorter healing times.

Lasers in Restorative Dentistry

CO2 lasers can also be beneficial in restorative techniques, like teeth whitening. When lasers are used in teeth whitening, the heat from the laser increases the effectiveness of the whitening agents and produces a whiter smile. CO2 lasers can also repair tooth decay and gum disease in less invasive ways than traditional methods.

One additional benefit is that CO2 lasers are often less anxiety-producing than traditional drills because they do not produce the same sound and are less painful. This makes them a great choice for kids or anyone with dental fears. In fact, this study published in the National Library of Medicine states:

“Laser dentistry is a promising field in modern minimally invasive dentistry, which enables provision of better care for children and adolescents. In this cohort study, the use of the carbon dioxide laser therapy offers a desirable, acceptable and minimally invasive technique in the surgical management of soft tissues in paediatric oral surgery with minimal postoperative complications.” 

CO2 lasers may indeed prove to be the heroes in keeping our dental fears at bay and our smiles healthy and bright.

CO2 Laser Dentistry in Prescott, AZ

If you would like to learn more about the CO2 laser options we offer at Prescott Dentistry, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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