Tips for Cold Sensitive Teeth in Prescott, AZ

Cold Sensitive Teeth in Prescott, AZ

Tips for Cold Sensitive Teeth in Prescott, AZ

It’s not news to anyone in Prescott, Dewey or Prescott Valley that this winter has been decidedly chilly. From the recent torrent of snowfall and frigid temperatures, you might forget that we live in Arizona! With the advent of cold temperatures, those who suffer from tooth sensitivity might be cursing the weather due to increased pain and discomfort caused by the changing conditions. Whether your dental health is in good shape or not, the cold weather can leave you more susceptible to problems. Here are a few actions you can take to help cold sensitive teeth in Prescott, AZ.

Visit your Prescott Dentist

If you’re a bit behind on your biannual dental checkups and you are experiencing cold sensitivity in your teeth and gums, it is very likely that your oral health is compromised in one of a few different ways. These issues can range from brushing too hard and teeth grinding, to infections, receding gums, or gingivitis. It could also be due to weakened or cracked enamel. All of these conditions can be treated by Dr. Thompson using minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry.

Limit your Outdoor Exposure

This one may seem a little too obvious, but if your teeth are sensitive to the cold, you may want to consider staying in on the colder days. The materials that make up our teeth expand and contract due to changing temperatures. Sudden changes in temperature can even lead to hairline fractures on the surface of your teeth. If you have one of these fractures, it could be the cause of your cold sensitivity.

Hydration is Key

Many people skip out on proper water intake during the winter months simply because it’s not hot out. Don’t forget to drink water! It’s important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Drinking water will help your oral health by encouraging saliva creation and it will ensure your teeth and gums stay moist. Stick to water and avoid sugary or acidic food or drink.

Contact Prescott Dentistry today if you are experiencing painful, cold sensitive teeth in Prescott, AZ.

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