Top Four July Fourth Holiday Dental Tips

Top Four July Fourth Holiday Dental Tips

Top Four July Fourth Holiday Dental Tips

There are sure to be plenty literal and figurative fireworks all weekend long this Independence Day. While you’re busy enjoying food, drink, family and friends there are few ways you can keep your dental and overall health in mind. Read on below for some key ways to stay healthy and safe this holiday weekend and contact the team at Prescott Dentistry to schedule your post-holiday checkup!

1.  Go easy on the booze

Alcohol, whether it’s beer, wine, or something harder, will limit your saliva production causing dry mouth which can lead to oral health issues and bad breath! Red wines can stain your teeth and alcohol will also dehydrate you in the summer sun. And don’t even think about using your mouth as a bottle opener!

2.  Stay hydrated

This goes hand in hand with limiting your alcohol intake. Staying hydrated is key for all aspects of your health, including your teeth. Especially in this Arizona heat! Keeping your mouth moist is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy mouth. It’s also a great idea to drink water about fifteen minutes after you consume any carbonated or overly acidic beverages like juice to cut back on enamel erosion.

3.  Healthy food, healthy teeth

Try to avoid too many sweets or sugary snacks. This one’s pretty obvious, but there are a few holiday themed snacks that are great for you like watermelon! Watermelon scrubs your teeth and helps keep you hydrated. Other healthy snacks like apples and cucumber are great as well.

4.  Pool safety

No one wants to start off their holiday weekend with a chipped or knocked out tooth! Make sure the kids, and even the adults who may have had a beer or two, take it slow around the pool. Also, while swimming is a great summertime family activity, keep in mind that pool chemicals have a higher pH than saliva and can stain your teeth with too much exposure.

Have a great Fourth of July from Dr. Thompson and the team at Prescott Dentistry!

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