Video: How Does Invisalign Work?

Video: How Does Invisalign Work?

If you are interested in straightening your teeth but want to avoid unpleasant metal braces, Dr. Thompson offer Invisalign in Prescott, AZ. The video above describes the simple, gradual process Invisalign utilizes to straighten your teeth without the need for unsightly metal brackets and wires irritating your gums. The video shows clearly the process from start to finish. Visit our previous blog articles to read about The Cost of Invisalign, Invisalign vs Traditional braces, and various other topics related to Invisalign in Prescott. Read the transcript of the video below.

“This patient has crooked teeth and a protruding front tooth. Invisalign can straighten the teeth and improve this smile.

How does Invisalign work?

After examination by your dental practitioner, impressions are taken of your teeth. Impression trays are filled with impression material then placed over your teeth. Once set the impression trays are carefully removed, your impressions and dental records are sent to Invisalign. The impressions are used to create a digital model of your teeth. Based on your dental practitioner’s treatment plan, the Invisalign software plans the movement of your teeth from their current position to the final desired position, allowing you to see how your teeth may look after the treatment.

Once your 3D treatment plan (ClinCheck treatment plan) is approved by you and your dental practitioner, a series of nearly invisible aligners are custom made for you. The aligners follow the stages of the treatment plan. You place the aligners over your teeth where they fit snugly.

As well as being nearly invisible, they are comfortable and can be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning. Every 2 weeks you switch to the next set of aligners. Each aligner moves your teeth stage by stage, little by little, resulting in a straight and healthy smile.”