Want More Friends? Visit Your Dentist in Prescott!

Want More Friends? Visit Your Dentist in Prescott!

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We know you’re probably not all that interested in having your dentist your your dental hygienist as your best friends, but luckily we’re not talking just about the staff at Prescott Dentistry! According to a recent study out of the University of California, Irvine your smile can be a be a key to developing healthy relationships and friendships.

This study on relationship development and emotional cues revealed that smiling helps strengthen relationships because people are more attune to positive emotions when new relationships are forming. So if you want more friends, show those pearly whites! Two corresponding studies showed that couples had the ability to accurately track their partners positive emotions, and that complete strangers who watched a movie together felt a kinship towards one another if that stranger was expressing positive emotions.

It is important to note that these experiments also revealed that most are very skilled at spotting a sincere smile compared to a fake one. On that note, not only is it important for you to be sincere with your smile, it also helps to be confident in the smile you’re concealing behind those lips! Let your local dentist in Prescott, Prescott Dentistry, help you make some new friends by giving you a newfound appreciation for your healthy teeth and smile! After you leave our office you’ll be sure to be beaming with positive energy and a great smile to show off to all your future friends.

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