What Makes a Smile Genuine?

What Makes a Smile Genuine?

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Dr. Thompson and the team at Prescott Dentistry are always striving to give you the tools to show off your smile with confidence. Having a healthy smile does wonders for your health, happiness and social life. So whenever you’re feeling a little uneasy about smiling with your teeth, are suffering from a toothache, or are just due for a cleaning, give your local dentist in Prescott, AZ a call!

As much as having a healthy smile is always a good thing, according to science not all smiles are created equally! Have you ever wondered why you can tell when someone is faking a smile?

According to studies done by G.B. Duchenne, a French neurologist in 1862, all smiles are the result of the corners of the lips being pulled up by the zygomaticus major cheek muscles. However, if this is the only muscle contraction occurring, that type of smile is generally perceived as “fake” or less-than-genuine.

You may have heard the expression “smile with your eyes” which is actually accurate in terms of the science. The curling of the corner of your lips is voluntary, but to smile with your eyes is triggered by another part of the brain that is not controlled by our conscious mind. A genuine smile is expressed when the contraction of the muscles around your eyes, or the orbicularis oculi, happens in tandem with the muscles in your cheeks.

This genuine smile has been dubbed the Duchenne smile and is seen as more honest, positive and approachable. Studies have shown that those who genuinely smile live longer and report greater levels of happiness, well-being and marital satisfaction. Contact Prescott Dentistry today for a complimentary cosmetic consultation with one of our knowledgeable doctors, and see what we can do to improve your smile!

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