Why Beautiful Smiles Matter

Why Beautiful Smiles Matter

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Everyone wants one, a beautiful smile. Celebrities have gorgeous grins. Politicians have pearly whites. Turns out, getting a beautiful smile and keeping it is both easier and more important than you think.

First, the cosmetics of a white healthy smile. Over the counter whitening products can help with minor surface stains. Don’t overuse tooth whiteners. They can make your teeth sensitive and too many applications can give teeth an odd bluish color.

Professional whitening at your dental professional’s office is the best bet, and today’s technology makes it less expensive than you think. We’ve got several options including a treatment that takes just over 1 hour.

Keep your teeth white over time by snacking on crunchy whole foods like apples and celery. These stimulate the production of additional saliva in your mouth which helps keep acids at a minimum. Brush or rinse after consuming stain causing foods and beverages. Coffee and red wine are key culprits, but berries are often overlooked. Basically anything that would stain a white t-shirt should be consumed carefully. And it goes without saying you shouldn’t smoke if you want to have a healthy white smile for life.

There are health benefits in keeping your smile shiny white. Research suggests a link between oral health and systemic disease such as diabetes and respiratory diseases. Additional research also suggests a possible connection between oral health and other serious conditions such as heart disease.

The good news is that getting and keeping a healthy white smile doesn’t take tons of time or money. Get a healthier-looking smile in 3 steps and 10 minutes a day with these steps:

  • Brush. Twice a day for 2 minutes each time.

  • Floss. At least once per day. Need a tip? Click here [LINK

  • Mouthwash. Use a cavity-fighting or tooth-whitening mouthwash once or twice a day.

  • Ask your dentist about whitening treatments.

  • Visit your dentist twice per year to help you keep an eye on what’s going on inside your mouth.

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