Your Guide to Fluoride Part 3 – Alternatives | Prescott, AZ

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Your Guide to Fluoride Part 3 – Alternatives | Prescott, AZ

In part 1 and 2 of this series, we discussed the benefits and risks associated with the use of fluoride. While fluoride does make the enamel more acid resistant, when used topically, some families have concerns about the toxicity of potentially ingesting fluoride. As a holistic dental office in Prescott, AZ, we’re more than happy to offer other solutions that provide similar benefits.

Here are some alternatives you can ask our dentists about:

Mineral Cremes

We recommend a special mineral creme that can coat your teeth in a protective film that releases natural calcium and phosphate minerals into the enamel when your mouth becomes acidic. This mineral creme is like a special, protective layer that serves to combat the acid produced by bacteria, which breaks down sugar and carbs from our diet.

Tooth Powder

As an alternative to fluoride toothpaste, we sell a therapeutic tooth powder that will neutralize the acidity in your mouth when used daily and will provide naturally occurring minerals to strengthen your enamel. Tooth powder is made of natural and organic ingredients and does not use fluoride. This makes it a safe product for children. Tooth powder also kills infectious bacteria and can even help to calm inflammation and/or mild mouth pain.

Mineral Mouthrinse

There are various mouthrinses that provide bio-available minerals in high concentrations to naturally strengthen enamel. You may also want a mouthrinse that neutralizes acid producing bacteria. Ask our dentists about which products we recommend.

Everything that we do at Prescott Dentistry is with prevention in mind. While these alternatives are helpful, they should also be accompanied by good oral hygiene practice. We need to establish a non-acidic environment, a healthy balance of bacteria, replenish lost minerals to strengthen the enamel, and maintain a good diet for the best oral hygiene.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series on fluoride’s benefits, risks, and alternatives. Contact our dentists today if you have any questions about the use of fluoride and whether or not it is right for you!


Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash 06/26/2019