Is It Safe to Visit the Dentist When You’re Pregnant?

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Is It Safe to Visit the Dentist When You’re Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a time when a lot of normal behaviors and go-to solutions have to change. Everything in life seems to be affected, from your physical appearance to the health of your gums and teeth. This leaves many women wondering if it’s safe to visit the dentist or safe to get x-rays and treatments while pregnant. 

The American Dental Association warns of an increased risk of cavities, gingivitis, and sensitive gums, because of the change in hormones. The long list of risks can leave a pregnant mother with many questions, like wondering what foods to avoid, being curious if a fluoride mouthwash is safe to use, or if tools like x-rays and nitrous oxide can be used. Let’s explore the answers to those questions so you can put your mind at ease. 

Are Dental X-Rays Safe While Pregnant?

Ionizing radiation is concerning for pregnant women and their developing babies. However, during dental x-rays, which are done as part of a routine exam, the radiation is focused on the teeth and there is minimal exposure to the rest of the body. The general consensus among medical professionals is yes, dental x-rays are safe during pregnancy. 

Dental x-rays are crucial in identifying dental issues early on—letting tooth decay or gum disease go untreated could put you at risk for infection. On top of that, babies’ teeth develop between the third and sixth month of pregnancy, and untreated decay in a mother’s mouth may place newborns at risk for tooth decay. Seeing your dentist and managing good oral hygiene is essential during this time. 

While they acknowledge uncertainties exist around x-rays while pregnant, the American College of Radiology says doctors and patients should weigh the risks and benefits together to decide how to best move forward. Some patients will choose to postpone any routine x-rays until after they give birth. 

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe During Pregnancy

You may be familiar with wearing a mask with nitrous oxide flow to help relax you during a dental procedure. While it’s a great way to stay calm through a filling or a root canal, the use of nitrous oxide while pregnant is not recommended, as it may harm the fetus. If you have an upcoming dental appointment and recently found out you’re pregnant, tell your dentist immediately. They will be able to go over your options or reschedule if deemed necessary. 

Fluoride Alternatives to Use While Pregnant

Fluoride is a popular way to strengthen tooth enamel because it helps to remineralize the teeth and makes them less prone to damage from acidic foods and drinks. However, not everyone is a fan of topical fluorides and would like holistic alternatives to use while caring for their teeth during pregnancy. Some of the best natural options to add to your daily routine are calcium and xylitol

  • Calcium hardens tooth enamel and increases saliva production
  • Xylitol remineralizes teeth

A few other alternatives to fluoride include oil pulling with coconut oil, oral powders & mineral creams, or ozone cleaning. Our clinicians at Prescott Dentistry are committed to offering patients holistic remedies. We use ozone therapy because of its ability to naturally kill bacteria and promote healing. 

Holistic Dentistry in Prescott 

Professional teeth cleanings are recommended in pregnancy, so feel free to keep your regular check-up appointment as normal. However, make sure to inform your dentist of your condition immediately so they can ensure a safe appointment for you. Holistic dentists not only provide comprehensive cleanings, but they can also offer natural preventative solutions to maintain their patients’ oral health. 

At Prescott Dentistry, your health is our top priority. If you’re due for a teeth cleaning or have questions about receiving treatments like ozone therapy while pregnant, please give us a call at 928-445-1660.





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