Can Energy Drinks Stain Your Teeth?

can energy drinks stain your teeth

Can Energy Drinks Stain Your Teeth?

Your teeth will start to look more yellow as you age, because their enamel grows thinner over time. However, what you eat and drink makes a big difference in how quickly that happens. 

Some foods and beverages not only cause stains, they also trigger acid attacks that make your enamel even thinner. Sports drinks and energy drinks are some of the biggest culprits, because of their high acidity. And when an acidic drink is also sugary, you have a recipe for disaster, at least as far as your teeth are concerned. 

How Do Energy Drinks Cause Stains?

You probably already know that coffee and black tea can stain your teeth. Maybe you’ve even thought about replacing your morning coffee with an energy drink instead. Well, it turns out that energy drinks can stain your teeth, too.

The main problem with energy drinks and sports drinks is their high acidity. The acids in energy drinks erode your tooth enamel, making it thinner and thinner. If you drink them often enough, they can cause permanent enamel loss and tooth stains.

Sports Drinks and Your Teeth

Depending on how quickly—and how often—you consume energy drinks, you could be exposing your teeth to serious damage. And if the drink has any sugar or food dyes, your risk of stains increases.

Every time you take a swig, you’re bathing your teeth in acids and sugars, as well as artificial colors. So if you put your energy drink on ice and sip it slowly, or if you tip one (or more) back every day, your teeth might start to look stained.

Here’s why sports drinks are bad for your teeth:

  1. First, the drink creates an acidic environment in your mouth. This temporarily weakens your tooth enamel, and makes your teeth more vulnerable to stains as well as cavities. 
  2. Second, the bacteria that cause plaque and tartar will feed on the sugar in the drink. Then they’ll release acids as they digest the sugar, making your mouth even more acidic.
  3. Third, the artificial colors and food dyes in the drink will also contribute to stains. Anything that can stain your clothes can also stain your teeth.

Are Your Teeth Stained from Energy Drinks?

Do you rely on energy drinks to get you through a long day or a long drive? Are you using sports drinks as a way to rehydrate after intense workouts? 

If you answered yes, we have one more question for you: 

When was your last dental appointment?

If it was more than six months ago, come to Prescott Dentistry for an exam and cleaning. We can advise you on holistic treatments to help restore and protect your tooth enamel. A professional cleaning will remove plaque and make your teeth look whiter, but we also offer safe whitening treatments if you want your smile to look even brighter.

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