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03 May Biomimetic Dentistry

The literal meaning of biomimetic is "mimic nature". The way we restore teeth focuses on emulating the perfect undamaged tooth that nature gave us to start with. Our dentists in Prescott, AZ re-create the biomechanics of this ideal by using advanced bonding techniques and bio-compatible...

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04 Dec Biomimetic Dentistry

Happy November! This has been an exciting year for our dental family. We saw Dr. Dale Ring retire and welcomed Dr. Nathan Thompson to the mix. I personally have been trying to spread the word in our community about the wonderful dentistry we do.  Many of clients have commented about having heard...

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11 Nov A Virus that Makes us Stupid?

A recent accidental finding has led to the discovery of a virus that 'makes humans more stupid.' While this might sound like something hot off the presses of The Onion, the study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This algae...

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01 Jun Biomimetic Dentistry: FAQS Part 2

Last week we introduced part 1 of the article Biomimetic Dentistry FAQs. This week we will finish the remaining FAQs to delve into the details and address any remaining questions regarding this field of dentistry. Why is Biomimetic Dentistry Different? Biomimetic dentistry has more of an emphasis...

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