Biomimetic Dentistry in Prescott, Dewey & Chino Valley Arizona - dental hygienist working on biomimetic dentistry in arizona

18 Apr Biomimetic Dentistry in Arizona

Biomimetic dentistry is a specific dental practice that uses treatments and special procedures that mimic our natural teeth. It focuses on tooth conservation using restorative techniques that do not require traditional, invasive dental procedures. Biomimetic literally means to “mimic nature.” Our dentists here at Prescott...

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27 Jan New Biomimetic Dentistry Materials

Many dental ailments including cavities, sensitive teeth, and pulp inflammation are all caused by the loss of the enamel layer over our teeth. Preventative and biomimetic dentistry techniques attempt to curb this enamel loss and repair it. For dentists who practice biomimetic dentistry like our...

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18 Jun Facing your Dental Fears

Many of us, myself included, have suffered from a bit of dental fear or anxiety. Whether you have sensitive teeth, had a bad childhood experience, or just a general mistrust of people in white lab coats, you may find yourself a little uneasy about your...

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23 May The Philosophy of Biomimetic Dentistry

In a previous blog post, we defined biomimetic dentistry. If you have a minute, please go revisit that article. To recap, biomimetic dentistry encapsulates the phrase "less is more" or as the Academy of biomimetic dentistry phrased it "There is no dentistry like no dentistry." If...

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