National Dog Day in Prescott

National Dog Day in Prescott

National Dog Day in Prescott

Let’s face it. Dog lovers have more fun. Those of us who have dogs are convinced it’s true, and that’s one reason Our Prescott Dentistry office is celebrating National Dog Day on August 26th. If you’d like to celebrate National Dog Day in Prescott, we’ve got a few suggestions. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can still join in on the joy that dogs bring to human companions.

How should I celebrate National Dog Day?

1) Do you live somewhere where you can’t have pets, but you love dogs? Why not go to the local shelter and spend the day giving attention to dogs who currently have no owner? Many shelters need help with socializing the dogs and giving them their daily dose of exercise through walking or a nice game of fetch!

2) Already have a furry friend? Plan a fun day full of all of the things your dog loves. Start the morning with a nice hike, followed by treating your pooch to some time with other dogs at your local dog park. After quality outdoor time, pamper your pup with healthy treats, like celery or sliced apples. And while you’re feeding your dog healthy snacks, go ahead and treat yourself to something healthy. Believe it or not, celery and apple slices are good for both dogs and humans, because they’re nutrient-rich and aid in cleaning teeth by scrubbing away plaque and removing food debris.

3) Are you looking for a pet? Consider a visit to the local humane society. Prescott is home to Yavapai Humane Society, which has a number of dogs waiting for their perfect, forever home. Studies have shown that having a dog as a loving companion is a great stress reliever. So adopt a dog in need, and enjoy getting to know your new loyal friend. It’ll help you feel better on even your most challenging days.

For the dog lovers out there, we join you in celebrating National Dog Day in Prescott: not just for the joy and love a dog can give us humans, but also to help us unwind and de-stress. And as for stress, Prescott Dentistry can further help de-stress your life by improving your smile. A better smile has been proven to improve your mood. Stress is damaging to your health, which in turn can harm your teeth. By eliminating unnecessary stress from your life, you can feel better and live more healthily. Go ahead, enjoy your canine friend, and if you’d like to chat about the possibilities of enhancing your smile, give our Prescott Dentistry office a call today.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (8/25/2018) dogsbylori (Flickr)