The Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes for a Perfect Smile

Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

The Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes for a Perfect Smile

For many people, electric toothbrushes seem like a waste of money compared to the price of a manual toothbrush. However, here at Prescott Dentistry, we are strong advocates for the benefits of electric toothbrushes when it comes to maintaining excellent dental health. In fact, we believe that brushing twice a day with an electric toothbrush is the number one way to improve your dental hygiene overall.

Electric Toothbrushes Outperform Manual Toothbrushes

One of the main benefits of electric toothbrushes is that they outperform manual toothbrushes in fighting common dental hygiene issues. A recent study that compared both brush types found that electric toothbrushes were more effective than manual brushes in preventing plaque build-up. As a result, people who used electric toothbrushes were better able to keep tooth decay and gum disease at bay.

Electric Toothbrushes Are Easy to Use

Most people don’t put much thought into how they go about brushing their teeth. They forget that simply brushing back and forth over the teeth, gums, and tongue is not enough to maintain good dental health. While manual toothbrushes can work just as well as electric toothbrushes when used properly, electric toothbrushes still have an advantage. The vibrations of the bristles can assist with ensuring the entire mouth gets cleaned.

Electric toothbrushes also provide better care for users with limited mobility. It’s much easier to use an electric toothbrush than a manual toothbrush to keep your teeth clean. Electric toothbrushes are also a great option for kids. The timer on an electric toothbrush helps kids form good brushing habits.

If you have braces, electric toothbrushes are typically easier to use as well. Dental hygiene can falter due to the difficulty of cleaning around your braces. However, because using an electric toothbrush makes brushing much easier, it can help you prevent stains and cavities.

Electric Toothbrush Heads Are Easy to Replace

For the sake of your dental hygiene, it is best to replace a toothbrush head every three to four months in order to maintain effective cleaning practices. If a toothbrush is looking particularly frayed, you may need to replace it even sooner than that. For manual toothbrushes, this means purchasing an entirely new brush, which creates more waste.

Electric toothbrushes last a long time. They have small, removable heads that are relatively inexpensive and can be replaced as needed. Buying an electric toothbrush may be more cost-effective than purchasing new manual toothbrushes in the long run.

Toothbrush Recommendations in Prescott, Arizona

For the sake of your smile, the specialists at Prescott Dentistry offer a wide range of holistic solutions for all your dental needs. Obviously, there’s a great deal to consider when it comes to the benefits of electric toothbrushes. If you’re wondering what type of toothbrush you should use, ask us for a recommendation at your next visit. Call 928-445-1660 to schedule an appointment today.