Top 3 Reasons To Visit the Dentist in Prescott, AZ

Top 3 Reasons To Visit the Dentist in Prescott, AZ

Top 3 Reasons To Visit the Dentist in Prescott, AZ

Live down in the Phoenix area but aren’t happy with your dentistry choices? Or maybe you’re from up the hill in Flagstaff or Sedona? Maybe you visit family regularly in the Prescott area as a cool weather retreat and have some dental work that needs to be done anyway. Whatever brings you to the Prescott area–there are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider making Prescott Dentistry your preferred dentist in Prescott, AZ, even if you’re not from around here. We’ve listed just a few below!

1.    Prescott Dentistry Practices Biomimetic Dentistry

You’ll be hard pressed to find another Biomimetic dentist anywhere else in the great Grand Canyon State. Biomimetic dentistry is an emerging field that utilizes nature-mimicking materials to restore your mouth to it’s natural state with less invasive techniques. No more sensitivity after a filling! The doctors at Prescott Dentistry will make your teeth look great without the use of invasive crowns or root canals. Your teeth will be restored to their natural strength and feel.

2.    Get Pampered with our Complimentary Comfort Menu

Do you suffer from dental fear or waiting room anxiety? Your future dentist in Prescott, AZ, Prescott Dentistry offers a complimentary comfort menu to calm your nerves. For your standard appointments you will be able to choose from a heated neck wrap lightly sprayed with Aveda soothing oils, a supersoft microplush throw blanket, an unscented flaxseed cooling eye pillow, and a neck/lumbar pillow. For restorative treatments you may also have music (headphones) or the option to view a movie or TV show.

3.     Ozone/Oxygen Therapy

The team at Prescott Dentistry offer Ozone/Oxygen Therapy which is a natural way to kill bacteria and promote healing. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas molecule which quickly breaks down to provide healing oxygen gas and active oxygen ions which kill bacteria.

Convinced yet? Schedule your appointment today to enjoy one of the most soothing and minimally invasive dental experiences in the state–with Prescott Dentistry, your dentist in Prescott, AZ.

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