Whiskey Row Marathon in Downtown Prescott

Whiskey Row Marathon in Downtown Prescott

Whiskey Row Marathon in Downtown Prescott

People in Prescott Arizona take fitness seriously. Regardless of age, folks run, bike, hike, and kayak long distances at our Northern Arizona elevation. Athletes and adventurers in our region continue to search out new challenges in outdoor sports. Even the members of our Dental staff at Prescott Dentistry, including our dentists, enjoy spending free time in outdoor exercise. This month, we’re highlighting a great event for your participation. We encourage you to challenge your bodies and minds, and come on out to the Annual Whiskey Row Marathon in Downtown Prescott on May 5th, 2018.

What is the Whiskey Row Marathon?

The Whiskey Row Marathon is an annual tradition in Downtown Prescott. This Spring’s marathon marks the event’s 40th year. If you’re not an experienced runner, don’t worry: the Whiskey Row Marathon provides multiple options for runners of all ages and skill levels. The race categories range from doing a full marathon, a half marathon, a 10k, and a 2 mile race.

People from all over the Northern Arizona region will come to Downtown Prescott to compete in this endurance test of body and mind, and to see how well they score. For the unseasoned runners who wish to test their limits, we suggest not overdoing it. Choose a race length suited to your skill and training level. If you’ve never trained physically to complete in a full or half marathon, we don’t recommend signing up for the longer races. Pushing your body without the months of required conditioning needed to prepare for those events could be harmful. Patience, practice, and listening to your body’s needs are keys to growing a healthy lifestyle and building up strength for the more challenging race categories.

The Whiskey Row Marathon

When: May 5th, 2018

Times: Full Marathon starts at 6 AM (5 AM for those that need more time), the half marathon begins at 7:00 AM, the 10K begins at 7:20 AM and the 2 mile race begins at 7:15 AM.

Prices: Full marathon is $100 per person, half marathon is $85 per person, 10K is $65 for people over 16 and $50 for people under 16, and the 2 mile race is $30 for people over age 16, and $25 for people under 16.

Location: 750 Whipple St., Prescott, AZ 86301

The 40th Annual Whiskey Row Marathon is a wonderful way to join others in outdoor exercise, and it also raises money for the James Family Prescott YMCA. The YMCA will use these profits to help people afford childcare, vital swim lessons, sports, and even gymnastics classes for young boys and girls. This race is not only an entertaining event for family and friends, but also a way to use your money to give healthy opportunities to children who would not have them otherwise. Dancing For The Stars, another recent event at the Prescott Media Center, also raised finances for another great children’s nonprofit, The Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona. We value and honor those who support the children of our city and region. If you’re participating in this upcoming race, make sure to drink plenty of water and skip the sugary sports drinks that could harm your teeth. We hope you come out and join the Whiskey Row Marathon in Downtown Prescott for a fun, physical, weekend activity that supports and strengthens the kids of our city!

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