Are You Struggling with Sensitive Teeth?

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Are You Struggling with Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitivity in your teeth can be bothersome. Why have pain eating, drinking or brushing your teeth when you don’t have to? Prescott Dentistry, located in Prescott Arizona, is knowledgeable when it comes to cosmetic or general dentistry and is here for all your sensitive teeth needs. We are here to help prevent the unnecessary pain that comes with sensitive teeth. There are certain things you can do to help prevent sensitive teeth issues, and one way is to know what causes them.

Sensitivity Causes

Daily functioning can be affected by the irritating pain that arrives with sensitive teeth. Certain dental issues can cause sensitivity, and our actions can aggravate them if we are unaware. Some issues causing sensitive teeth include:

Your friendly dentist at Prescott Dentistry can help to diagnose what may be causing your sensitivity in order to provide the best treatment.

Ways to Decrease Sensitive Teeth

Building a layer of protection around your teeth will decrease their sensitivity, and certain procedures can be beneficial. When you collaborate with your dentist, you can create the best plan to decrease and prevent sensitivity. This combined plan may include:

  • Toothpaste: A simple way you can play a role in decreasing sensitivity is to find a toothpaste that focuses on this. It can significantly help to decrease the irritation and pain. Your dentist can help recommend the best toothpaste that fits your needs.
  • Fillings: When holes are created in your teeth by leftover food particles combining with bacteria, fillings are needed to prevent the deterioration of your tooth structure.
  • Fluoride: Along with fluoride toothpaste and rinses, your dentist may recommend getting in-office fluoride treatments or having gel impressions of your teeth made for regular at-home treatment to strengthen your teeth.
  • Gum Grafting: If your gum has receded, exposing the root of your teeth, a periodontist can provide gum tissue grafts that will benefit stronger teeth and decrease sensitivity.
  • Root Canal: To fully strengthen and improve the structure of your teeth after an abscess in your tooth, a root canal is a positive longer term fix.

Working with your dentist to create a specific treatment plan for your needs and to address sensitivity in your teeth will also ensure no deeper issues are present. Don’t live with the unnecessary pain of sensitive teeth. Contact Prescott Dentistry today for relief.


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