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30 Sep Biomimetic Dentistry: The Perfect Artificial Tooth?

Dr. Montes and the staff at Prescott Dentistry utilize biomimetic approaches when repairing and restoring teeth. If you are unfamiliar with biomimetic dentistry as explained in our previous blog articles, biomimetic dentistry can be understood as using materials that resemble nature and are bio-compatible to...

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22 Sep The Emotional Toll of a Forced Smile

The benefits of having a healthy smile and making a habit of smiling at yourself and others have been discussed in previous blog articles. Prescott Dentistry prides itself in helping our patients keep up with their oral hygiene to allow them to wear their smiles...

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11 Sep The Placebo Effect: Explained?

Have you heard of the placebo effect? This phenomenon is known my most who might answer that question as a medicine that's just "pretend". While in one respect that definition of a placebo is true, there may be more to it than just a pretend...

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26 Aug Back to School Dental Tips

School is just now getting back in session and for many families that means a whole lot of scrambling to get things done. Between arranging rides, after school activities, homework, school supplies and everything else under the sun, sometimes dental hygiene can fall by the...

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17 Jul Does Smiling Run in Your Family?

Sometimes we come across people that can only be described as having a genuinely bubbly and positive personality. It seems to just ooze from their pores, while the rest of us aren't always able keep a smile on our faces. Perhaps you are the person...

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