11 Aug Southwest Charm

The United States is made up of people from all cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles. These can vary based on states, cities, towns, and even neighborhoods. The Southwest has a culture of its own with great people who have a charm about them. Many see the...

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28 Jul Biomimetic Bonding

Have you had your natural teeth starting to decay and wonder if you are still able to have the natural look and feel? Well now you can. Here at Prescott Dentistry, we believe that the best way is the natural way, and through our specialized...

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24 Jul Benefits of Volunteering

Have you ever heard that it is better to give than receive? Well it may seem a bit backwards and not quite make sense, but in reality, it’s true. When we give of ourselves to others, it is a feeling that is hard to describe....

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05 Jul Smile Esteem

A smile is just a smile right? It has limited effect on yourself or your environment right? Wrong. A smile goes deeper than most people realize. It has emotional, mental, physical and environmental impacts. Your smile is extremely important. Prescott Dentistry finds your smile extremely...

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